About Us

IMG_1644Initial concerns were raised by a group of residents, followed by the Shire Oak Energy presentation on 10th January 2015 (during which further concerns were raised and inadequately addressed) and the Parish council meeting of 14th January 2015.  Subsequently, approximately 100 concerned residents met at the Roskilly Croust House, St Keverne. During this meeting it was decided to oppose the re-opening of the quarry as a Super Quarry. A group of volunteers formed a committee to co-ordinate the opposition.

To help protect members and to provide a defined constituency of members, the committee created a company limited by guarantee: Community Against Dean Super Quarry Limited (Reg No 9399178). CADS are now in the process of applying for charitable status.

We are supportive of sustainable development and renewable energy. Many of us have connections with local non tourism based industries. We would support the reopening of the quarry in a sustainable manner at the level of previous activity. We support genuine green technology projects.

It is a travesty that a company which claims to be green is prepared to destroy part of a Marine Conservation Zone, degrade an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and damage the economy of a very special part of the country. There are viable alternatives with lower levels of environmental impact and damage.

The committee members have designated portfolios and work with individuals within the wider membership. The portfolios include:

Marine Conservation Zone
Marine Processes
Marine Ecology
Terrestrial Ecology
Socio-economic study
Media and Press
Legal Issues
Liaising with other stakeholders eg AONB, MMO.
Alternative sources of stone
Raising awareness with influencers
Fund Raising

We are always looking for help with these areas. If you wish to help please contact us.

If you would like to make a donation, please go to our Donations and Fundraising page or follow the Paypal link below.