The local fishermen have had to stop netting on The Manacles because it is an MCZ so are at a loss to understand why heavy industrialisation may be allowed to take place. They are also concerned for the following reasons:

  1. The continual pounding of the seabed whilst the breakwater and jetties are under construction will cause vibrations scaring the fish away. The Manacles has for centuries been an area used by local fishermen and is an important Bass breeding ground, this work will have a detrimental effect not only on the bass, but also on other fish and shellfish stocks, which provide a living for local fishermen.
  2. Loss of fishing gear: the quarry ships will anchor off the coast at Coverack whilst awaiting further instructions. They may anchor on top of tiers of nets and pots dragging valuable fishing equipment when they move. This will mean heavy losses to fishermen of thousands of pounds. The fishermen cannot insure their equipment so they have to bear these losses themselves.