Future Events


The CADS 2017 Grand Prize Draw will be drawn on Saturday 18th November 2017 at 7pm at The Croust House, Roskilly’s Farm. Drinks and nibbles will be provided and we are working on a VIP guest to help us draw the winning tickets! It should be a fun evening and all CADS supporters are welcome :0)

Additionally, there are daily posting on Facebook and Twitter, where our supporters can more fully engage in the progress of our campaign.

If you wish to help in our campaign please contact us.

If you would like to make a donation, please go to our How to donate to CADS page or follow the Paypal link below.

If you would like to buy tickets online for our 2017 Grand Prize Draw then simply click here.


Fal River Festival 23-25 May 2015, Events Square, Falmouth
11377273_771911346257250_6306797141926131031_nGreat three day event with CADS2015 stand in a prominent position and well attended by members of the public talking about our campaign, the Marine Conservation Zone, making donations and signing up for future newsletters. More events like these are planned in the near future to help get the message out to the general public both locally and nationally. It was amazing to hear the response from visitors to our area, particularly those who come back every year or visit for the specific purpose of diving in the Marine Conservation Zone. Plenty of offers of help in all areas. Feeling very supported in our campaign.