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Cornwall Against Dean Superquarry (CADS) was set up in 2015 to oppose the development of a superquarry at Dean Quarry on the outskirts of St Keverne on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall.

Shire Oak Quarries Ltd bought the small disused quarry in 2015. The site had not been worked since 2008 and over the intervening years had been reclaimed by nature. Today it is a haven for seabirds, bats, seals and bottle-nosed dolphins.

The developers – who expounded their green credentials – intended to turn the site into a superquarry, complete with a new breakwater, in order to supply themselves with rock for a tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay. This was despite the fact that Dean Quarry is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and adjacent to the Manacles Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ).

CADS recognised at its outset that quarrying had supported local villages for over a hundred years. However, since Dean’s closure, the local economy had moved on, and the proposed development was on a vastly increased scale that would have caused much damage to local businesses and the environment.

Read more about the main issues behind CADS’ objection to the proposed development at Dean Quarry.


Fast forward to May 2023 and the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon project has not received governmental support and the plan has sunk. Shire Oak is in the process of selling Dean Quarry to a new developer, Wilderness Escapes/Hieronymus Gruff Ltd. The sale is conditional on the developer successfully obtaining planning permission for 56 holiday eco-lodges.

The proposal has received 42 objections and 3 supporting from members of the public, and it has received objections from the AONB, St Keverne Parish Council, among others.

As CADS was set up specifically to oppose the development of a super quarry at Dean, the action group will be adopting a neutral stance to the planned redevelopment, neither opposing nor supporting it. Individual members of the group will naturally have their own personal views about it.


CADS will continue to monitor developments at Dean Quarry.

In its publicity brochure, Hieronymus Gruff Ltd warns that the quarry will re-open if locals do not support the planned redevelopment. They speak of 30,000 lorry trips a year in and out of the site; noise, dust and vibrations caused by blasting; ships docking and loading at all hours; and the current rewilding being “ripped away”.

Until the future of the site is settled and the threat of large-scale quarrying is put to bed once and for all, Cornwall Against Dean Superquarry will continue to protect the Manacles Marine Conservation Zone and the Lizard Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

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