The date for the Judicial Review, Silke Roskilly v Cornwall Council & Others is now set. It will take place on Friday 13th November 2015 at the High Court of Justice in Bristol. Details on the time of the hearing and travel arrangements for supporters who wish to attend will be posted as soon as they are known.


Action group Cornwall Against Dean Superquarry are pleased to highlight the strong public support of Derek Thomas, MP for the constituency of St Ives, for their campaign. On 28th August 2015, he issued the following statement:

“Hats off to Silke Roskilly and the many people who are working hard to achieve some common sense regarding Dean Quarry. People born and bred in St Keverne Parish have lived with quarrying and do not object to either Dean or Porthoustock Quarries operating in a managed and sustainable way. However, they are right to object to the extraction of in excess of 1.5million tonnes of rock per annum for use in the Swansea Tidal Lagoon.

I first visited Dean Quarry in early January and it was clear to me that what is proposed is simply not appropriate for this site, however keen we are to develop new renewable energy opportunities along the UK’s shoreline. Since my visit to Dean Quarry in January I have taken the Fisheries Minister to the site and to meet local business owners. I have met with the Energy Minister and written to every Government Department that has the ability to influence the outcome, however remote. I have also discussed this with the office of Number 10.

Why am I convinced that the Dean Super Quarry idea is not super at all? Because I have not yet seen any evidence that proves that the proposed breakwater, jetties and manoeuvring activity of the barges will not have a catastrophic impact on the Marine Conservation Zone.
I have not seen evidence that the new jobs created at Dean Quarry will adequately compensate for the negative impact on the local tourism industry and the many families that rely on tourism to earn an income.

I am not satisfied that enough has been done to understand the extent of the air pollution, noise and light pollution that is inevitable and I am convinced that there is a more suitable, competitive source of rock available for the Swansea Tidal Lagoon elsewhere. For years, as our core industries have declined including farming and fishing, we have been encouraged to diversify and find new ways to make a living. The community of St Keverne Parish has done this and it would be more than a slap in the face to compromise this good work now”.

Following this statement, Derek Thomas recently spoke to members of CADS and reiterated:
“I have had a meeting with David Cameron and his office to explain what the local community are doing to oppose the scale of development planned for Dean Quarry. The government are supportive of the Tidal Lagoon plans but it is important that Dean Quarry be separated from this project. It is not essential that Dean Quarry be part of this equation”.

CADS continue to fundraise for legal costs as the Judicial Review proceeds to the High Court. So far, the group has raised £15,000 and seeks £5,000 more to cover the total cost of this key first stage of the legal battle. CADS also anticipates the need for further fundraising. This will go toward the next legal challenge, posed by the imminent major planning application, which is expected to be made by Shire Oak Quarries whatever the outcome of the Judicial Review. This application will seek permission for a third-of-a-mile long breakwater and loading  jetties. Donations can be made on the CADS website: