The High Court hearing of Roskilly V Cornwall Council is set to take place at 10.30am on Friday 13th November 2015 at Bristol High Court. CADS would like to hear from any supporters who are interested in attending this event. It is a public hearing and we welcome as much support as possible! The plan so far is to meet at Roskilly's car park at 5am and travel up to Bristol via either mini buses and or car share. If you would like to reserve a seat or seats on one of the mini buses please call Sue on 07881 365390 or e-mail sueenglefield@gmail.com Please get in contact with Sue if you are considering attending and traveling and would be willing to car share.

Just to re-cap, the objective of this Judicial Review is to overturn the first phase of planning permission granted to Shire Oak Quarries by Cornwall Council WITHOUT an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). A victory against Cornwall Council & Shire Oak Quarries will temporarily halt development at Dean Quarry & mean the developer must re-submit for planning permission for the ENTIRE project (including breakwater and jetties) WITH an EIA.

Shire Oak Quarries are in the process of erecting a perimeter fence around Dean Quarry and are actively seeking investment in this project. Their goal is to have the breakwater and jetties built by mid 2017 which need to be able to supply 60-80,000 tonnes of rock every month, throughout the year, next decade & beyond to supply rock to their CEO, Mark Shorrock's sister Company Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay. Mark Shorrock plans a fleet of Tidal Lagoon's and is currently in negotiation with the UK Government on a Strike price for subsidy levels. China Harbour Engineering Company ltd (CHEC) were awarded the £300M contract to provide marine works for Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon back in June 2015.

CADS will continue to fight this legal battle beyond the Judicial Review. Donations can be made at www.cads2015.com

PLEASE, PLEASE SHARE. Come along and support us in Bristol if you can. A Big Thank you from all the Cornwall Against Dean Superquarry Team x