BBC One Show features the Manacles Marine Conservation Zone on 2.11.2015

A snagged fishing net cut loose from a trawler is a potential death trap for the rich wildlife of the Manacles Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) on the Lizard Peninsula in SW Cornwall. The BBC One Show joins Falmouth based Mark Millburn from Atlantic Scuba who have volunteered to cut the net free & discovers that it's a risky job in itself. Mark explained to CADS that this "ghost net" would have got caught on the rocks before the Manacles Reef was designated a Marine Conservation Zone in November 2013. Since this time fishermen are prohibited from trawling nets through the protected area. When asked what Mark's views were on the proposed development plans for Dean Quarry, he was quiet clear. "By giving planning permission to build anything of this scale within an MCZ sets a precedent that could put all other MCZ's at risk".
The UK government are on the cusp of signing off a further 37 Marine Conservation Zones throughout the UK. This will add to the 27 MCZ's designated in 2013. The massive re-opening plans for Dean Quarry and it's associated building and activity within the Manacles MCZ will be a legal test case. Donations to help fight the legal battle can be made at