CADS have now had verbal confirmation from an employee of Shire Oak Quarries that they intend to resume "winning & working" at Dean Quarry before October 8th 2016. This means they plan to resuming blasting and rock extraction.

Having shared the recent photographs of earth moving activity at Dean Quarry a former employee of Cemix (previous owners of Dean Quarry), we are advised that some of the work taking place is called overburden clearance. Its the removal of vegetation from the top edge of the quarry face in preparation for blasting. It has nothing to do with compulsory landscape restoration (following the two Planning Contravention Orders served on Shire Oak Quarries on Friday 2nd September 2016 as a direct result of CADS legal action).

CADS have reported the latest developments at Dean Quarry Cornwall Council's planning enforcement team and we can confirm a group of four enforcement and planning officers will be visiting Dean Quarry on Wednesday 14th September 2016.

In the meantime CADS continue to evaluate the legal implications of these developments with a view to robustly challenging any inappropriate planning and enforcement decisions made by Cornwall Council. This is a highly complex legal planning situation and so please forgive us for not disclosing all of our plans at this stage.

We are all so grateful for your continued support and rest assured we will do everything we legally can to stop the reopening and upscaling of Dean Quarry. Your comments are always most welcome. There is an awful lot going on behind the scenes to stop the developer in his tracks.

Donations towards CADS legal battle can be made on our website