A big thank you to all those CADS members and supporters who attended the open meeting held on 10.11.2016 at Roskilly’s Croust House. The venue was packed to capacity and it was good to see so many new faces.

Silke Roskilly, Chair of CADS welcomed everyone and gave a brief history of our campaign to date. So much has happened since January 2015 when Mark Shorrock announced his development plans for Dean Quarry. CADS have won a Judicial Review ruling that these plans are major schedule 2 development in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and therefore require an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Now CADS has been forced to file for a second Judicial Review due to lack of Cornwall Council’s decision making.

Silke shared some concept drawings of the latest development plans of a proposed vast quay at Dean Quarry, which had been shared with the action group by a third party. The plans illustrate a clear intention by Shire Oak Quarries to significantly enlarge output at the quarry and transport millions of tonnes of rock through the Manacles Marine Conservation Zone. A ten fold increase in productivity on historic quarry levels. As yet, Shire Oak Quarries have failed to re-submit planning permission for anything at Dean Quarry and when they do, it must be accompanied by an EIA.

CADS will be in a position to share these drawings with you when Shire Oak Quarries re-submit a planning application with an EIA. This is expected early in 2017 pending a decision from the UK government on the future of Tidal Lagoons.

A big thank you to Jo from The Cornish Seaweed Company who manages the sustainable harvesting of seaweed at nearby Lowland Point, just around the corner from Dean Quarry. Jo explained the company employ five people full time and in the summer, when they harvest, a further 8-10 people. He explained how unique Lowland Point is for seaweed and sea life. The amount of seaweed is testament to the water quality. Jo explained his fears about how run off from Dean Quarry would, in the future, affect his growing company. The development plans at Dean Quarry are of real concern to them.

Alison McGregor from CADS then talked about The Hendry Review and how this impacts directly the future of Dean Quarry. On 10th February 2016 the UK Government commissioned an independent review into the viability of Tidal Lagoons. Alison talked about the immense amount of work that had gone into the CADS’ evidence submission made to Charles Hendry and that a draft copy of the review report was now with the government. Following recent comments made by Jess Norman, Under Secretary of State for BEIS on 8.11.2016 in parliament, further conclusions on the future of Tidal Lagoons are not expected until the end of 2016.

A big thank you to Mike Anselmi from Porthkerris Divers who gave an excellent talk on the beauty and rarity of the Manacle Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ). He has 25 years of experience diving the Manacles, the best of the best in UK waters. Mike Described the shipwrecks and how the coral beds would get choked by sediment from building, quarrying and shipping activity. It is a completely unique stretch of water in its geography and sea life and one of the UK’s first MCZ’s to be established in 2012. CADS are hoping to share a video of Mike’s talk with you soon.

Mike has been working with independent organisations such as the World Wildlife Trust and Seasearch to survey and document the Manacles. Over 250 dives have taken place, recording underwater data. The Manacles is now the most surveyed Marine Conservation Zone in UK waters. Shire Oak Quarries will, when they submit planning permission have to show evidence of how their plans will not harm the Manacles MCZ. Mike explained that the data collected would cost Shire Oak Quarries over £2,000,000 to collect themselves. The data will be released into the public domain ONLY when Shire Oak Quarries submit their full planning application for Dean Quarry with an EIA.

Silke Roskilly from CADS then gave a legal update. CADS are heading towards a second Judicial Review against Cornwall Council and interested party Shire Oak Quarries. A hearing date of Friday 20th January 2017 has been set. CADS for legal reasons are unable to go into more detail at this stage. We will update you as soon possible.

A big thank you to Paul Rabbeth, the local representative from The SW Coastal footpath for his valuable contribution to the meeting. He drew our attention to the government’s commitment for a coastal footpath that goes around the UK. He aired his concerns about the impact for walkers if a break in the SW coastal foot path should occur at Dean Quarry. The SW Coast Footpath Association is a pressure group for walkers who think fondly of this area, even in December. They spend money in the area. If the footpath is to be diverted further (a second break) then people will cut out this area.

Kiersty Long and Simon Newman talked about the launch of CADS fundraising appeal to raise £30,000 for anticipated legal fees. CADS will be using GO FUND ME to launch this appeal and Kiersty and Simon explained the importance of sharing the soon to be launched link with family and friends.

CADS are in the process of applying for Charity status and an announcement will be made once this process has been achieved.

In the meantime, donations to CADS legal expenses can be made at www.cads2015.com

Thank you again to all who attended and for your continued support.