Superb CADS campaign media coverage on BBC1 Spotlight regional news programme on 7.8.2017. Adrian Campbell, Environment Correspondent reports on the findings of a major independent report published on the Manacles Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ). The report (published by Seasearch in conjunction with the Marine Conservation Society, Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Exeter University and Porthkerris Dive Centre) seems to contradict data published by Shire Oak Quarries in 2015.


Report author Chris Wood has concluded the presence of protected marine life directly adjacent to Dean Quarry in the zone where rock will be transported through the MCZ. CADS are perplexed to learn from this BBC report that Shire Oak Quarries have allegedly moved away from their original proposals which included a breakwater and large jetties. According to the BBC report Shire Oak Quarries will observe all environmental procedures and controls.


Nice words Shire Oak Quarries but CADS are not convinced. Dean Quarry needs scale or else it is not commercially viable. Please could Shire Oak Quarries explain in more detail, in lieu of the new evidence how commercial viability can be achieved without damaging the Manacles MCZ? To see BBC1 Spotlight 7.8.2017 report hop over to either CADS' Facebook Page or You Tube channel using the links below.

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(Unfortunately BBC i player does not hold regional news for more than 24 hours).