Friday 25th August – Thursday 7th September 2017: Private Eye No. 1451.

Private Eye investigate the delta between the recently launched one hundred page Seasearch report (14 years in the making in conjunction with the Marine Conservation Society & Cornwall Wildlife Trust) on the Manacles MCZ, Vs Shire Oak Quarries three day survey findings.

Tidal lagoon developer to sign grid deal for £8bn Cardiff project

An £8bn plan to build Britain’s first full-scale tidal lagoon power project in Cardiff is moving ahead even as government approval for the controversial technology hangs in the balance.

For over two years the developers of the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon have waited for a decision on whether to support the relatively untested technology. This week, in a show of confidence, the group will confirm a milestone agreement with National Grid to connect the full-sized follow up programme planned for Cardiff.

The grid deal is partly designed to pile pressure on the Government to shake it from its paralysis over whether to support tidal power, which faces controversy over steep upfront costs.

Mark Shorrock, the chief executive of Tidal Lagoon Power, is hoping for a government contract that secures the £1.3bn Swansea project a revenue stream of £89.90 per mega-watt hour of electricity delivered to the grid for its entire 90-year lifespan. In return, he has promised that costs for the Cardiff follow-up project will fall to lows of ­between £60-£70/MWh as it benefits from lower supply-chain costs. For further reading from this article that appeared in The Telegraph on September 9th 2017 CLICK HERE.

Help CADS Protect The Manacles Marine Conservation Zone & our ANOB, SSSI & SAC.

On Tuesday 20th of June CADS launched its 2017 Grand Prize Draw. We have been lucky to secure some fantastic prizes such as week-long holidays on the Lizard Peninsula, a selection of sculptures & painting from well-known international and local artists, a VIP tour of the Emmerdale farm set with Chris Chittell including one night in a four-star hotel, and many more prizes.

We now need your help to support CADS by purchasing some raffle tickets to help us pay for our ongoing campaign costs. We must make use of this quiet period in our fight to stop the re-opening and upscaling of Dean Quarry, as we are sure that this fight is by no means over yet. We need to be ready and able to commission costly specialists reports, etc when the marine application is finally being made.

You can purchase tickets online by following this link. If you wish to sell tickets further afield still follow this link but mark your e-mail as "Agent". Tickets can then be posted to you. To see the catalogue of prizes follow this link.


Thank you very much for your continued support!

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