Noise Pollution

Summary findings from a noise impact assessment by Clarke Saunders Associates were presented at Shire Oak/TLSB’s public meeting on 30th January 2105.

The assessment wrongly states that Dean Quarry is ‘in a remote section of the Lizard Peninsular’ – in fact there are several hamlets within 500 m and St. Keverne is less than 1k away.

The findings include notice that the noise levels during the 4 month construction phase will be 3dB above the limits deemed suitable in a rural environment – this will have a considerable impact on how far and how intensely this disturbance will be heard. Note a 3dB increase is twice the power. It is not the same as twice the volume to human ears which is somewhere between 6dB and 10dB. It does however mean that other background noises may be drowned out.

The assessment notes that ambient noise levels vary according to the weather and sea conditions.

On a calm night we can hear Manacle Bell. We would like to keep it that way.