Socio-Economic Impact

Mr Shorrock of Shire Oak Quarries Ltd and Tidal Lagoon PLC stated: “We are carrying out a full social economic study as part of our application for the proposed jetties and breakwater – including whether our work might have any impact on the local tourism industry, and how this could be managed.”

No data or findings were provided by Shire Oak to support their application for construction works and new processing plant required to re-open the quarry at the scale demanded.

Why did they buy these extended mineral rights?

Guidance on the government’s planning portal supports conservation and enhancement of the natural environment and development towards a rural economy that centres on sustainable rural tourism, diversification of agriculture, local business and support services to enhance village life.

Our local MP Derek Thomas published the following statement on 28.8.2015. “I have not yet seen any evidence that proves that the proposed breakwater, jetties and manoeuvring activity of the barges will not have a catastrophic impact on the Marine Conservation Zone. I have not yet seen evidence that the new jobs created at Dean Quarry will adequately compensate for the negative impact on the local tourism industry and the many families that rely on tourism to earn an income. I am not satisfied that enough has been done to understand the extent of the air pollution, noise and light pollution that is inevitable and I am convinced that there is a more suitable, competitive source of rock available for the Swansea Tidal Lagoon elsewhere. For years, as our core industries have declined including farming and fishing, we have been encouraged to diversify and find new ways to make a living. The community of St Keverne Parish has done this and it would be more than a slap in the face to compromise this good work now”.